Sunday, 30 August 2009

Reversible Bag from Pochee Vol.7

And here it's, my lovely new bag :) It's big and finally I can have everything what I need for me and girls in one place!!
I'm very happy with my work :) I love this fabric St Andrews, Scotland, Mendle Tweed
which I bought on ebay for £0.99 + p&p bargain!
Pattern from japaniese sewing book Pochee Spring 2009 vol.7

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


My name is Agnieszka (Aga, Agusia..... Agnes.) and this is my very first attempt at blogging.
I live with my husband and two kids in Ilkeston near Nottingham in UK, we are from Poland. Right now I'm full time crafty mom.

Where do I begin? Right, on this pic I'm with my youngest - Amelia, and everything it's becouse of her :)

I love makeing things by myself, including everything for kids (clothes, bags, toys, dolls, pictures, wall decorations...... and many more). I'm still learning but now I can sew almost anything what my girls and I need or wanted :)
This is my way to relax and have a great fun. I like new challanges, sometimes this mean I need more time for designe and make but always it's worth it.

I also love photography!!!

I hope you like my staff and be my guest from time to time ;)
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And I appologize for my english!!!